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Motivation, Competence & Experience

Industrial Demolition Hamburg

Demolition, Modification and Reconstruction

The CWN Company ist a specialist for complex demolitions and reconstructions. The basis is our highly motivated qualified personnel, the innovative technics and the widespreading service. You will see, that Quality an Prices are hand by hand. We offer econimic solutions in due time and quality conscious.

Bridge Demolition Hamburg

Reconstruction / Dismantling

Since more than 20 years, CWN ist partner of the industry for Industrial Demolitions. Also difficult duties are incentive to do our work especially accurate. If you are searching for an competent Copmany with highly motivated qualified personnel, you should choose CWN.

Construction Material Hamburg

Asbestos / Mineral Wool Reconstruction KMF

Our qualified personnel is certified with the core insdustrial standards and is consultant to you before and during the reconstruction.

Firedamage Reconstruction Hamburg

Firedamage / Waterdamage

Fast reactions an availability of our qualified personnel is our base if so about fire and water damages. You can use this advantage for you company to reduce the spreading damage and the alligned costs. We guarantee an optimal care of the damage.

5 Facts about CWN...

  • Over 20 years of competence and experience.
  • We are very flexible due to our own machine and vehicle fleet.
  • We will solve your problem with 16 highly motivated craftsmen.
  • Our clients are spread over the whole of Germany.
  • Our machines are state-of-the-art,
    - most modern technique at construction site
    for instance: shock free and low noise foundation demolition in split method.
Memberships and Certificates

Abbruchverband Nord

  • Member at all Reconstrucion Associations in Hamburg
  • Asbestos reconstruction sealed and signed: NAV
  • Bundesverband der Brand- und Wasserschadenbeseitiger e. V.
  • Our clients are spread all over Germany..
  • Expertise training according to §519
  • Abbruchverband Nord
  • licensed according to §39 Gefahrenstoffverordnung
  • Membership Certificate of the Norddeutschen Asbestsanierungsverbandes e.V.
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