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Construction Material - Cleaning and Utilisation

Construction Material Utilisation Hamburg

We accept Construction Waste

The concrete and brickwork material will be crushed in a special facility.

The won construction material is being re-entered into the construction industry.

The recycled materials will be used for instance for road works, parking sites and other terrain fastenings.

Sales and Delivery of:

- Erratic blocks / stones
- Mineral mix
- Top-soil also in small amounts
- Filling sand and paving sand
- Different mixtures onrequest.
Memberships and Certificates

Abbruchverband Nord

  • Member at all Reconstrucion Associations in Hamburg
  • Asbestos reconstruction sealed and signed: NAV
  • Bundesverband der Brand- und Wasserschadenbeseitiger e. V.
  • Our clients are spread all over Germany..
  • Expertise training according to §519
  • Abbruchverband Nord
  • licensed according to §39 Gefahrenstoffverordnung
  • Membership Certificate of the Norddeutschen Asbestsanierungsverbandes e.V.
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