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Planned Projects

Demolition of the "Bank of Industry" building in Lagos

Bank of Industry - Lagos 1. Common
The "Bank of Industry" building in Lagos, Nigeria was damaged by a fire. The upper Stories broke down. The Bank of Industry has ordered the CWN Demolition Company for an expertise and a demolition concept. Either for the whole building or for the damaged stories.

2. Local Terms
The high-rise building is surrounded by other high-rising buildings in the Broad Street, the business and bank district of Lagos. It is an steel-concrete bond and has 19 stories. The lower stories are used as car lots. The damaged part is mouted with offices. On the east side of the BOI building are other high-rising buildings. On the west side is a base-plate of an former building. An expertise was made on the 18.04.2006. Minimum 8 of the 19 stories are fully damaged only the stairs are all right.

Bank of Industry - Lagos 3. Demolition / Reconstruction
We suggest a policed demolition, because the BOI building is surrounded by high-rising buildings. This will avoid damages on the other buildings. An 40m high crawler crane equipped with an hydraulic cruscher is necessary. This crawler crane will be placed on the west side of the BOI building on an 20m high sand chute. Than the crane is in position to reach the stairs at the top of the building. The whole demolition must be made with bucket and nipper. The bulk material must be taken away first. After that the crane will crush the other parts of the building.

4. Security
4.1 Neighboring buildings
All buildings surrounding the BOI building will be covered with tarpaulins. The roofs will be covered with wood.

4.2 Person Security
It must be secured, that the street traffic will be stopped. The employees work under HSE order. The neighbored buildings should not be used.

5. Duration
On desire of the BOI the job should be finished as soon as possible. We are planning an work schedule of 24 hours/day in three task groups. We expect a period of six weeks.

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